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Monday, November 17, 2014

Andy Dolich Oakland Coliseum JPA Non-Story

Andy Dolich is reported to be in talks to be Oakland Coliseum Executive Director. Well, the fact is, those talks are not at all. It's just more smoke and mirrors around a process of hiring a new leader that has been far too over politicized and so much so that it's making the organization that was originally formed to float bonds to make the new version of the Coliseum for the Raiders look bad. The sad fact is that this latest episode in how the Coliseum Joint Powers Authority does business has sent a sign that Oakland can't even accomplish the simple task of properly hiring a new director. Everything from backstabbing to bad due-diligence to questionable morals has clouded the process. The man who came in second in the entire completion, Scott McKibben, has sat by and waited patiently. He should be rewarded for what he has had to put up with to this point. And so should the Oakland Raiders and the Oakland Athletics, as both teams want the JPA to hire Scott. The question is will the Coliseum JPA actually listen to what their tenants want for a change? Time will tell.


24 Of Our Favorite Events In Los Angeles This Week – LAist

24 Of Our Favorite Events In Los Angeles This WeekLAistNERD NITE: Nerd Nite Los Angeles takes over The Mint on Wednesday at 7 pm. Think of the evening as a mixture of beer and the Discovery Channel. The 20-minute talks at event examine: how to rebuild a kelp forest, what happened on July 4, 1863, […]

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Why Are Ebola Deaths Black Men?

Why Are Ebola Deaths Black Men? Why are Ebola deaths black men? The second person to die of the Ebola virus is another black man. Dr. Martin Salia was from Sierra Leone. He and Thomas Eric Duncan have been the only two Ebola victims to pass away. All of the others have received treatment and survived.


Anonymous Seized KKK Twitter Account

Anonymous Seized KKK Twitter Account Anonymous seized KKK Twitter account on Sunday morning, and in the wake of a number of Ferguson-related threats that were made to reporters and activists by the KKK. What is so funny is that Anonymous took over @KuKluxKlanUSA right after obvious taunts that it would not do so. Intelligence trumps racism once again.


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