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Friday, May 3, 2013

In Interview, Carolyn Moos Defends Jason Collins With Mixed Emotions

Watch my 18-minute interview with Carolyn Moos, and it's not hard to come away with the feeling observed by some that she was used by her now-ex fiance Jason Collins as a cover for his homosexuality.

Here's the interview:

This is not to attack Jason for coming out, but to point out that there's a flip side to a "courageous" personal decision. In this case, the wreckage of a damaged set of expectations.

For eight years, Carolyn Moos thought she had the right guy, but it took four years for her to discover not only that she didn't, but that he may very well have cheated on her in the process of finding out about himself.

Let's hope that's not the case, but given that it's an open and unanswered question, it's starting to look that way.

In the interview, Ms. Moos says that she's going to meet up with Jason this weekend.  Given her coiled emotions that could wind up very good, or not so.  

Stay tuned.

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