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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Times MUST Be Hard - Even the Kittens Have Become Restless

From Single in L.A.: “As girl talk goes, my friends and I talk about everything. As of late, the conversation seems to always float to how “long it’s been” for each of us (eh hem, you know what I mean). If you follow this blog, or stay glued to my Twitter you’ve likely caught the hint.

A couple of weeks ago the gang met up for the first official happy hour - at our usual - of the new year, and this very discussion came up. But we were in mixed company and may have scared off Karla’s friend. After one comment she abruptly got up from the table and left. Shrugs. 

Fast forward a bit to this past weekend – I decided to head over to FUNKYBROWNCHICK to catch up on my candid reading. Twanna never disappoints me! That very day she’s talking, quite openly, about how horny she is. Le sigh, Twanna, LE SIGH. Note: she raises a dangerous question at the end (dangerous because some are afraid to admit to “things”). Check out the comments.”

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