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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ashton Kutcher's Cell Phone Video Rant Good For Property Values

Ashton Kutcher's Cell Phone Video Rant was Good For Property Values -- for the perso next door to him!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Times MUST Be Hard - Even the Kittens Have Become Restless

From Single in L.A.: “As girl talk goes, my friends and I talk about everything. As of late, the conversation seems to always float to how “long it’s been” for each of us (eh hem, you know what I mean). If you follow this blog, or stay glued to my Twitter you’ve likely caught the hint.

A couple of weeks ago the gang met up for the first official happy hour - at our usual - of the new year, and this very discussion came up. But we were in mixed company and may have scared off Karla’s friend. After one comment she abruptly got up from the table and left. Shrugs. 

Fast forward a bit to this past weekend – I decided to head over to FUNKYBROWNCHICK to catch up on my candid reading. Twanna never disappoints me! That very day she’s talking, quite openly, about how horny she is. Le sigh, Twanna, LE SIGH. Note: she raises a dangerous question at the end (dangerous because some are afraid to admit to “things”). Check out the comments.”

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Golden Globe ratings: worst since '96 - LA Observed

More at LA Observed: “Americans who watch TV don't watch the Golden Globes any more, even if the newspapers, blogs and celebrity cable channels continue to insist they are a big thing. An average of 14.6 million viewers nationwide tuned in over three hours, down 26% from two years ago in the 18-49 niche and the worst audience since NBC took over. The Globes's did a little better than "Desperate Housewives" and "24," but only a little better — and "24" is on Fox.”

-- Wow. Well, that's marketing for ya, or the lack of it. I certainly did not know about the show. I know what they're doing that's wrong...

LAFD Inspector Dennis Archie Was Arrested; Bribes - LAObserver

LA Observed: Los Angeles media, news and sense of place: “LAFD inspector Dennis Archie was arrested and accused of taking a $500 bribe from a board and care facility operator. L.A. Now
So-called moderates on the Screen Actors Guild board moved to fire chief negotiator Doug Allen. LAT
Mayor Villaraigosa's fundraising slowed when no major reelection challenger emerged but he still raised $2.7 million for the year. Sausage Factory
Council President Eric Garcetti makes his talk show host debut interviewing author Matt Miller about "The Tyranny of Dead Ideas" on KCRW's "Politics of Culture" at 2:30 p.m. POC
Elle magazine has hired Creative Artists Agency to "help identify TV shows and film properties that can elevate Elle's brand among potential readers by integrating the glossy into productions." Variety
Channels 2 & 9 photog Bryan Frank had his microwave truck break down last night on the way back to the station: "I will sit here and hope some big news story happens right in front of me." beFrank”

Monday, January 12, 2009

LAUSD sends out report cards evaluating schools - Los Angeles Times

More at Los Angeles Times: “Parents in Los Angeles this week will receive a one-page report card that will provide a less varnished and more accessible picture of how well their child's school is doing.

For high schools, the report card will provide more accurate dropout figures and display, for example, how many students are proficient in English and math -- and whether that number is going up or down. Much of the information is available elsewhere, but some nuggets can be found only on the report card, such as what percentage of 10th-graders are on track to attend college.

Such statistics are available because the Los Angeles Unified School District has been collecting information on individual students for about a decade. But until now, the nation's second-largest school system didn't volunteer much data beyond what the state required.

"Many parents are going to be alarmed because this is real information," said Mike McGalliard, who heads MLA Partners Schools, a nonprofit leading reform efforts at Manual Arts High School south of downtown.

McGalliard applauds the effort, despite a sobering picture for Manual Arts: 3% of students are proficient in math; 13% in English. Moreover, only 13% of sophomores are on track to qualify for admission to a University of California or Cal State campus. And only 37% of Manual Arts students from the class of 2008 graduated on time.”

Friday, January 9, 2009

Metrolink chief's job in jeopardy | L.A. Now | Los Angeles Times

More at Los Angeles Times: “The Metrolink Board of Directors has put an item on its agenda for today's meeting that allows members to discuss in closed session whether they want to terminate CEO David R. Solow. Whether they make such a decision remains to be seen.

Solow has been  under the microscope since the Sept. 12 Metrolink crash in Chatsworth that killed 25 people.

Solow took over Metrolink's top spot in 1998 from Chief Executive Richard Stanger after an audit criticized agency leaders for the way they handled contracts, billings, employee relations and planning.”

Ryan O'Neal pleads guilty to felony meth possession | L.A. Now | Los Angeles Times

More at Los Angeles Times: “Ryan O’Neal pleaded guilty this morning in a Malibu courtroom to felony possession of methamphetamine, but the charge will be wiped from his record if he completes a court-approved drug diversion program.

The “Love Story” actor must undergo 18 months of treatment and counseling to earn the dismissal, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office.

He was arrested Sept. 17 at his Malibu home after Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies conducting a probation search on his son, Redmond, found drugs in the actor’s bedroom.

Redmond O’Neal, whose mother is Farrah Fawcett, also was charged with drug possession. At the time of his arrest, the 23-year-old was on probation for felony possession of heroin and methamphetamine and misdemeanor driving under the influence. He is due in court next month.”

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Oakland BART Shooting By Police at Fruitvale Station Was A Deliberate Act

The Oakland BART Police Fruitvale Station shooting was a horrifying act of an individual police officer that, upon reflection, went insane for a moment. I'm glad people had video cameras and used them. But I'm not happy with the state of the police in Oakland and the East Bay.

What the officer did to young Oscar Grant was shameful. If you look at the videos, the officer first drags Grant over the station floor then positions him against the ground, and then pulls out his gun slowly then shoots him, but then looks up as if to say "Oh, that was an accident."

It did not look that way.

This should prompt a major investigation into how police are trained and the backgrounds and attitudes of the people that are recruited and how they're trained. There's something wrong and where there's smoke,there's fire.

Now, Oakland Lawyer John Burris has introduced a $25 million lawsuit against the police department and BART, and given the look of the videos -- there are two with very clear angles -- the evidence is clear and hard to refute.

That police officer deliberately shot Oscar Grant.

Monday, January 5, 2009

California Faces $42 Billion Shortfall, CBS Evening News: La

Five years later, the deficit has mushroomed and Schwarzenegger now says new taxes are necessary - maybe even that despised car tax.

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Oops: LA Times wiki experiment fails after inundated by porn

It started out as an experiment in creating an editable newspaper wiki, and ended when it was overrun by people with quite different motivations... Despite the utter failure, journalist Michael Kinsley still believes technological changes are the key to saving newspapers.

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Stop Twitter Phishing Now!

http://www.zennie62.com -- "Phishing" is the act of sending a "safe" looking email that asks you to give out sensitive information: your username and password. That practice has found it's way to Twitter. Here's what you should do if it happens to you.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Palestinian/Israeli protests in Los Angeles - Dec. 30, 2008

New Years Eve In Los Angeles? A Pathetic Sad Place

The Saint talks about how litle Los Angeles celebrated the New Year, which explains all of the rave vidoes rather than fireworks displays outdoors. The Saint explains that fireworks, which were banned, were replaced by gun fire.

People locked themselves up in the homes to avoid the gunfire. He says L.A's a "headcase". It's a disturbing account of life in Los Angeles in 2009.


http://www.tartrestaurant.com - This looks like a terrific place to eat innovative Southern cooking and it's in LA. The lovely Lauren Kyles, who's the Executive Chef, says that it's not Soul Food, but it seems like it is to me. Yum! This is where I'm headed. It's at Neighborhood: Park La Brea. Farmer's Daughter Hotel; 115 S. Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036. 323-556-2608.

Together as One. Massive NYE rave. Los Angeles. 2008.

More from this huge rave in LA. Again, just like the movie "GO".

Together as One. Massive NYE rave. Los Angeles. 2008.

This Rave reminds me of the movie, "GO" by Doug Limon and staring a young Katie Holmes. The video, the way it's filmed, the music, the lights, it's all just like "GO", but since that movie was about the Rave and Drug culture, perhaps it's best to write that "GO" got the scene right.

LOS ANGELES BRINGING IN THE NEW YEARS 2009 But what is going on?

I have no idea who the people in the video are, or why they put it up for distribution, but here it is and I know it's certainly different.

It's obvious that they're bringing in the New Year through the nose, if you know what I mean and I think you do. Wild.

Metro Rail Art Tour Hollywood

Photoman4u on Youtube has this video on this tour. Here's what he wrote:

Art Tours

Metro offers regularly scheduled as well as special request group tours of the artwork in the Metro Rail system. Tours are led by trained Metro Docent Council volunteers.

Metros Docent Council is a group of volunteers committed to increasing awareness of the broad range of art in the Metro Rail system through public tours that provide insights into the artworks, the artists who created them, the processes it took to make them, and the communities they enhance. While docent programs are commonly found at museums around the world, Metro is the first transit agency to benefit from such a program.

Scheduled Tours

Free tours are offered the first Saturday and Sunday of every month. The tours are roundtrip and last approximately 2 hours. No reservations are required!

First Saturday - Meet promptly at 10 am at the street level entrance to the Hollywood/Highland Metro Rail Station on Hollywood Blvd. near the corner with Highland Ave. If driving to Hollywood/Highland station, park at the Visitors Center at the Hollywood/Highland shopping center complex to obtain partial parking validation.

First Sunday - Meet promptly at 10 am at the information booth inside the entrance to historic Union Station at 900 Alameda St. in Downtown Los Angeles. There is pay parking at Union Station and metered street parking, and pay lots in the immediate area.

Special Request Tours

Free art tours for groups of 15 or more are available by special arrangement. More information is available by calling 213.922.2738 or by clicking Art Tours.

General Information:

The tours are approximately 90% walking; there are elevators and escalators in all the stations.

The Docents distribute date-stamped badges that allow you to ride the entire Metro Rail system for free on the day of the tour. Docents carry voice amplifiers and wear bright orange vests for easy identification.

Children at or above a 5th grade level may participate on the scheduled and private group tours.

There are no public restrooms available in the stations but there are restrooms available to the public at Union Station and the Hollywood/Highland shopping complex.

Art Guide

A pocket size brochure depicting all artworks on the Metro transit system is available by calling 213.922.4ART or clicking Art Guide. The brochure was updated in July 2007 and is a perfect compliment for self guided tours of the artworks. It features a system map, artist information and brief description of the artworks.

Giant Maximus New Year's Eve 2009 in Downtown Los Angeles, 12.31.08-1.1.09: New Year's Eve Intro; Benni Benassi, Dirty South, M

Midnight Ridazz down Hollywood Boulevard

Like "Critical Mass" in The Bay Area!

Morgan Freeman interview for Los Angeles City College

Patterico’s Los Angeles Dog Trainer Year in Review 2008

"It happens every year: I read every post I’ve written over the past 365 days about the Los Angeles Times . . . and I think to myself: this is just unbelievable. There’s something appalling and eye-opening about seeing an entire year’s worth of the paper’s bias, omissions, and distortions gathered in one post."

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LA cops force woman to double as Jamie Lynn Spears

In the classic 1894 body-double novel, The Prisoner of Zenda, a British tourist is persuaded to stand in for an absolute monarch. A century and a bit later, airline passenger Adessa Eskridge is simply ordered by Los Angeles police to stand in for Jamie Lynn Spears so that the celebrity can evade the press on her way out of the airport.

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Will Smith voted 2008's top money-making movie star

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Actor Will Smith, star of ''Hancock'' and ''Seven Pounds'', was voted the top money-making movie star of 2008, dethroning Johnny Depp in an annual poll released on Friday of movie theater owners and film buyers.

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World's oldest person dies at 115

Officials say a woman believed to have been the world's oldest living person has died in northwest Portugal at the age of 115. Maria de Jesus had been listed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's oldest person. That title now falls to an American, 114-year-old Gertrude Baines, who lives in a Los Angeles nursing home.

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Andruw Jones' Contract to be Retooled to Pay Manny Ramirez

Andruw Jones was nothing but dead wait last season and really doesn't deserve even a roster spot on the Los Angeles Dodgers next season with his pitiful performance. By retooling Jones contract the money will be there to make serious negotiations with Manny Ramirez to keep in Los Angeles.

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No recession for online dating sites - Los Angeles Times

Maybe misery loves company? The sour economy is driving scads of singletons online to look for love. But money worries mean people are scaling back on actual dates.

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Paris Hilton and Benji Madden Getting Back Together?

Paris and Benji were cozy during the Dolce and Gabbana grand opening bash thrown by Rachel Bilson in Los Angeles on Monday night

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Former tagger now teaches art - Los Angeles Times

John Estrada puts his aerosol expertise to work teaching graffiti painters how to steer away from street vandalism and apply their skills to legitimate artwork.

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Dre's Son Died Of Accidental Drug Overdose

Dr Dre's son died of an accidental drug overdose. A toxicology report shows that Andre R. Young Jr. died of "morphine and heroin intoxication" according to Ed Winter, assistant chief of the Los Angeles County coroner's office.

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Why Obama's green jobs plan might work - Los Angeles Times

Some states -- including Michigan -- already see renewable energy as their future: It's the only sector that appears to be making room for more employees despite the recession.

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City of los angeles job opening

Los Angeles Jobs. Strategies and resources for identifying Government Jobs, State of California and Civil Service Employment at. City of. carry job openings for their.

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Top 15 Los Angeles blogs of 2008

LA Snark lists their top 15 favorite Los Angeles - based blogs of 2008

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Chinese Spectacular has lofty ambitions

Divine Performing Arts’ Chinese New Year Spectacular, a 2 1/2 -hour extravaganza featuring 21 acts, nearly 100 performers, elaborate backdrops and computerized visual elements. The show is back in Los Angels for the fourth time. The big difference of the show and ordinary shows is that it’s pure and so clean; it brings real beauty to this world.

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Is Fuentes the right man to fill K-Rod's spot.

The free-agent reliever Brian Fuentes and the Los Angeles Angels agreed to a two-year, $17.5 million deal Wednesday. Everyone is wondering if Fuentes is the answer for the departure of the single season record holder for saves, Francisco Rodriguez.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

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